Video editing recommendations

Can you recommend programs for a laptop? I need some basic options like cropping, audio editing, maybe some effects.

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Hi @Glenn_Upham,

Both tools I mention are open-source and are used by a lot of users. So they are well refined and tested.

OBS is all you need to make videos
I would only recommend OBS. to capture videos. It does anything and everything you can image. If you watch a lot of youtube and twitch a majority of content creators use OBS as their video making tool. You can choose and merge sources be it images, videos, webcam etc. Overlay them as you wish and record your screen everything in one tool!

The CPU will work quite hard to run OBS but thats how it is with video rendering, if you have a GPU then it is a breeze.
We use OBS to make a video for every robot process, which we can share with the stakeholders. We also use OBS to make presentations using our webcam, in teams that way we can at a time share two feeds ( screenshare and our webcam)

Resource to learn tricks in OBS: Michael Feyrer Jr. - YouTube

OpenShot to edit videos
To edits these videos, I recommend using OpenShot : OpenShot Video Editor | Free, Open, and Award-Winning Video Editor for Linux, Mac, and Windows!

OpenShot allows you to edit video, add audio, add effects, add masks, add titles etc.

Resource to learn : :movie_camera: OpenShot Video Editor Tutorial - YouTube

Hope this helps!


OBS and Active presenter are the best.

totally agree about the OBS, I use it myself

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