Front End Progress Bar with Animation while Running Robot

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Whenever the bot runs it takes some time to produce the output and during the processing and execution it does not display anything to the screen.

I want to display some interactive animation or progress bar to engage the audience during processing of bot and do not get the audience bored. How can I do that?


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Maybe you can start here?

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Hi @Dr_Raza_Abidi_PhD,

If you are working on a proof-of-concept:

If this is an attended robot, may be a progress bar is a ok requirement to statisfy. But I would not keep this as high priority requirement. Here you could probably try out the suggestion from @AndyMenon first and see if it fulfills your requirement.

If it is an unattended robot, then the progress bar is unnecessary as the main reason for unattended automation is to free up time for the human operator. Grabbing the attention of an operator in an unattended scenario is therefore futile. Also the human operator will then have to have access to the VM / server / PC where UiRobot.exe is executing the process, which I dont think many business users would want to do.


I would suggest you communicate this to your customer and inform them that the main aim would be to free up attention of the human operator and not make them watch robot execution progress. That is our job as developers to watch unending robot executions during debugging ha ha :slight_smile:

@AndyMenon : Thank you very much for your suggestion but I think it does not fulfill my need. Would you be so kind as to share other links?

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@jeevith : Thanks Jeevith for your detailed explanation. Indeed, you are right but I am working on attended robot and I just want to show some visualization or animation to senior management while running the process at backend. As you know if my bot takes 15 minutes to complete the execution so, it shows nothing on screen and the management may sit idle which is not interactive.

Very grateful if you suggest me how to engage the management to meet their requirement. Moreover, as you know the progress bar running with percentage or other dashboard may engage and psychologically satisfies the end user that the process is running behind the scene. :slight_smile:

Hi @Dr_Raza_Abidi_PhD,

I totally understand your predicament but I would suggest you put forward good 2 / 3 slide presentation on what the robot is doing in the background so that they get the feel for what the robot is doing.

Our approach with such meetings is to make a video of the process (which has many UI foreground interactions) and for process which are background, we verbally explain what is going on.

That said, if you really want an animation, you could trying splitting your process into many stages and each stage logs a message. For example, “Completion : 0 %”, “Completion : 15 %” continue this until you are finished with the transaction / process.

Use a simple excel file to read the log file execution and you can make a simple dashboard. Power Query is your friend here, it will allow you to read the log and later transform the percentages to int values, which can be then visualized.

What could be cool is that you let the robot open this excel file which has the dashboard at the start of the execution.

At the end of the day, the management is interested in two things: Wow factor (“see we are continously innovating”) + “Yes,this is going to be sustainable (we are saving man hours, enabling employees, and improving customer journey)”

Some reference links:

I hope this gives you some ideas.

@jeevith: Thanks a lot Jeevith. A very great explanation and It will really give me an robust ideas.

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@jeevith : I really appreciate your suggestion, thank you very much. Actually, I thought that I had selected the wrong community group domain at the start selection, so due to this reason, posted to another group.

Accept my apologies for the inconvenience caused.

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