Viber automation

Dear Experts,

I am trying to develop automation that can send files to customers who have mobile numbers in the excel sheet.
I found out some Viber API in Packages. Let me know any guidance on how to use Viber API for file sending with some messages. Thanks a lot.

To send sms did we refer this

Cheers @Htwe_Ko_Ko_Wynn

Hi Palaniyappan,
thanks for your suggestion. What i want to do is to send pdf attachment via Viber application. Is there any activities like this?

If we have the API details like endpoint, client key, and other details then did we try with HTTP REQUEST activity
We can get this activity by installing web activities package
Go to Design tab -> Manage Packages -> in official tab search as UiPath.Web.Activities and install it

With that activity we could be able to send the file as well

Cheers @Htwe_Ko_Ko_Wynn

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