Version 20.4 Webinar Series: Building products that help turn vision into a reality

The UiPath 2020 Fast Track release (20.4 for short) we announced recently, is built for hyperautomation and adds exciting new capabilities across every stage of your automation lifecycle. We would like to invite you to join us for the first in a series of Webinars we have planned around the 20.4 release. This first session is scheduled for August 6th at 11.00 AM, where we will take you through the new features and show you how our latest platform innovations can strengthen automation across organisations.

Learn how our end-to-end platform for hyperautomation enables a virtuous cycle, how the Automation Cloud provides instant and easy scalability with high availability, and how you can help release the vision to have ‘a robot for every person’ with products like StudioX, UiPath Assistant, and Automation Hub.

Join this virtual session to understand how your organization will benefit from this new product release. Look at a demonstration of its features and experience the difference they will make to your organization.

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We have an exciting line up of weekly webinars series. The next two Webinars cover the latest in our discovery products, designed to help you identify the right process to automate:

  • 11th August: Crowd sourcing Discovery Tool – Automation Hub (incl. Task Capture)
  • 13th August: AI Enabled Discovery Tool - Task Mining and Process Mining

Stay Tuned