📢 Deep dive into the art of turning vision into reality through hyperautomation

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The UiPath 2020 Fast Track Release (20.4) is one of our first major product releases of 2020. Built for hyperautomation, in this release, we’ve added exciting new capabilities across every stage of the automation lifecycle. There is tremendous value in this release with over a hundred new features and a thousand new improvements – all waiting to be explored by you.

Introducing “Transformative Thursdays” - an exclusive series of virtual sessions planned over the next few weeks – each covering a specific phase of the automation lifecycle. We invite you to join these sessions to learn how you can build and deliver breakthrough innovations on our end-to-end platform for hyperautomation, turning your vision into reality.


20th August, 2020 Register now
Crowdsourcing ideas – Automation Hub and Task Capture

27th August, 2020 Register now
Deep dive into AI enabled discovery tools – Process Mining & Task Mining


3rd September, 2020 Register now
Explore the brand new Ui Studio experience – Studio, StudioX and Studio Pro


10th September, 2020 Register now
Discover the latest in UiPath Orchestrator and Automation Cloud


17th September, 2020 Register now
A Robot for Every Person: The Next Wave of Personal Productivity

AI Family/ Engages

24th September, 2020 Register now
Deep dive into our AI products – Document Understanding, AI Fabric and Computer Vision

Measure, Connectors

1st October, 2020 Register now
Explore new features in UiPath Insights and our latest ServiceNow Connector

So, what are you waiting for?:thinking: Click on a link against the topics of your preference and register now! We will also be sending you a reminder each week to ensure you don’t miss out on any of the key features in our latest release, across the automation lifecycle.

We look forward to seeing you online!


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hope to participate to all , pls let us have facilities to register all wthout using each registration :wink::hugs: