VB expression ()

I am trying to learn VB expressions to better understand RPA. What does the VB expression variable.ToIn() mean? I know the basics and my understanding is that if there is nothing in the brackets it would be null??..
or would that mean anything?
what does .ToIn mean?..is is same as Int32 (Intergers)?

FYI: Variable equals a number

please help.

I don’t think .ToIn() is valid? what variable type are you using where that shows up as a valid option?

In general, you can read the ‘Intellisense’ popup which gives a brief summary of each property/method for the variable. For further understanding, you can google it and then read about it in microsofts documentation. For example, the .tostring is explained here: Object.ToString Method (System) | Microsoft Docs

I think variable is an Integer. The example I have does not say anything but give number value to variable

Can you please share a screenshot? That does not show up in intellisense for me at all

It was one of my test question and Im not sure if i can write that here. I know that i didn’t understand the expression and trying to figure out what it means or its a invalid expression

Im am very sure that a function named ToIn() does not exist at all in any type, we do have ToInt32 in for example Decimal type… which will convert a decimal to an Int32…

Report it to uipath - .ToIn() is not a valid method