How to provide an option to the user to choose output path?

Hi guys,
I’m transferring files using python script, I have provided an input and output paths in “Invoke python method”, but due to constantly using different paths, now i want the bot to take the output path from any files like config or something, or is there any way that i can provide an option to the user to choose the output path through bot?

HI @geetanjali.nerlekar

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  1. You can try with Input Dialog box activity

  2. Use If activity to check the users input

Check out the XAML file

UserOptionSelection.xaml (6.9 KB)



hey, thankyou
But how the bot will take these chosen paths in the invoke method-parameters?

You can pass the path in the Parameter and get @geetanjali.nerlekar

hi, I’m not able to pass that variable in the parameters , can you help?

Hi @geetanjali.nerlekar

You check out the screenshot for better understanding

Check out this thread



Do you have any issue while processing like this? @geetanjali.nerlekar

yes, error
invoke python method: pipe is broken

i assume im making mistake in providing parameters

i was able to solve the error, thanks for your support

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