Variables in selector not working with C# based project

I have successfully used variables in my selectors multiple times with projects based on VisualBasic language. However, the exact same thing does not work if the project language is C#. The selector popup says it is valid and shows no error, but when I close it the sign for ‘One or more children have validation errors’ appears, and in the ‘Properties’ panel the message is ‘Unrecognized escape sequence’.
Any ideas?


The following simple sample works in actual run in my environment.


Can you share your current settings?


I’m working with UiPath Studio Pro 2020.10.2.
It puts the old style selector when I select the variable name, with the ‘{{variable}}’


Did you retry to remap the Variable in the C# project?



I try to donwgrade UiAutomation to 20.10.5 and it still works in Studio 21.10.3CE.


I’ll check in Studio 20.10 later.


Hi @Laura_Mocanu

Could you try with the latest version of the UIAutomation activity package?

can you please share a screenshot of the selector with the variable on it? you might have a character in it that needs escaping