Cannot assign variable to selector on uipath studio community

I am new to uipath. I want to open different browser with only one use applications activity and change the browser variable by selecting the browser of choice but i cannot add my variable to the selector. Once i added the varible, it shows an error. I added it with {{variable}} but it changes to (x)variable.


It seems version matter of UiAutomation package. The following is screenshot of same dynamic selector in UiAutomation 20.10.11 and 21.10.4

UiAutomation 20.10.11


UiAutomation 21.10.4


If yours is same as the above, it’s no problem. Please check if it works in actual.




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You done correct only, When you are passing the variable to selectors it always shows you validation as error, because Variables get the values at the run time only

So, better check in debug mode whether selector is working or not

Hope this may help you


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Hi @PhonePyae_KyawSwar

Another alternate method is by coping the selector to note pad !

and Change the attribute value = β€˜β€œ+YourVarname+”’ and paste in a selector in properties panel Enclosed the whole selector with Double Quotes!


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