Variable do not reset after first run


I’m just learning from this tutorial link Build your first automation - Automate with Studio
This automation open browser, type text, time in some city, get the time from google search result. It works. But I have problem that variable is same in next run…

I know in tutorial there is some fix mentioned, but there is some change in google. I can not see same code in Selector Editor as it is in tutorial.

This is from tutorial:

This is code which I can see there:


webctrl aria-role='heading' parentid='rso' tag='DIV' /

Hi @Daniel_Had !
Welcome to UiPath Community :smile:
If you click on Open in UiExplorer, what do you see ? Would you mind screenshoting ?

Hello @Hiba_B
Only first run is working properly …
Sending screen shot from Get Text …

Alright would you mind taking a screenshot of the element that does not work ?