Values in config with double quotes

Hi all,I want to extract the value from config and assign to a string variable.
But my problem is I have to print in config as with in double quotes

For example shown below

In config the values will be as shown below


And the same I want to assign into string variable in studio like


I’m getting some extra symbols in middle,kindly help me how can I pass this type of value

Strvar= """A"",""B"",""C"",""D"""
We escape a doublequote with another one

How to pass this through config and how can I assign to variable?
Can you elaborate more


use this

string cleanConfigValue = configValue.Replace(“"”, “”);

variable will contain the string without double quotes: ‘A,B,C,D’.

we already did:

In UiPath Studio: Assign Activity
Strvar= """A"",""B"",""C"",""D"""

In the config (we assume Excel)
"A","B","C","D" as value within the cell

Can you send me the xaml if u have?

what issue in detail to model it e.g. drag and drop the Assign Activity do you face?.
Can you share with us (e.g. screesnshot) what was done so far? Thanks

I think you did not understand my question…let me explain it

I have a value in config as


And this I want it to assign to strvar while assigning I’m getting like below

Lets assume we do have a string like:

it will have the value: "A","B","C","D"

In some panels the inner " will be visualized different eg with a backslash

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But it is only visualization and not the value

We do see false as return as the string is not containing the backslash

Would we use strVar and write it back to a textfile (Write text file activity) we would also get the string value as expected without any inner escapes


strValue = Value.Replace(“"”, “”);

value will contain the string without double quotes like : ‘A,B,C,D’.


As there are doublequotes they are escaped using \ …while looks in locals panel or log messages you might find it like that but when you use in any activity and let it type or write it to an application it would not write the \ as it is just an escape character for double quote

Hope this helps


I believe you may have configured the wrong key. First, please double-check the key you are calling to ensure it’s correct. If you are indeed calling the right key, then check the value you are receiving.

For example, if you are getting a value like this: STRVAR = "A\","B\","C\", and you are expecting "A","B","C", please follow these steps:

  1. STRVAR = STRVAR.replace("\","")

This will remove the backslashes and leave you with the expected output: "A","B","C".

Please check the below xmal @yashashwini2322

Trim.xaml (10.6 KB)