How to assign the string values with double quotes

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How to assign the below value’s in the string

string strValues= “{“options”:{“open_tracking”: true, “click_tracking”: true, “transactional”: false},“campaign_id”: “qa:TEST”,“recipients”: [{“address”: { “email”: "”, “name”: “test name” },“tags”: [“greeting”,“prehistoric”,“Sample”,“Sample”],“metadata”:{“binding”: “ticket_insight”}}],“content”:{“from”:{ “name”: “GBT Alerts”, “email”: "" },“subject”: “Test”,“html”: “” + htmlbody +""},“return_path”:“bounces*”}"


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So, for your question we can do in either ways like
if you have a string like = Hi, i am “Ranga”
you should write like
– "Hi, i am \“Ranga\” " ( with a back slash )or
"Hi , i am " “Ranga” " " ( doubling the quotation )

yours get readable with back slash…
To understand clearly remove the first and last quote as it is usually used to express string…if you remove them you get to know where we have to make changes like
Hi, i am \“Ranga\”
Hi , i am " “Ranga” "

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I have input “apple, mango, pear, banana”
I need output as [“apple”, “mango”, “pear”, “banana”]
How to do this…Please help me out.
Thanks in advance.

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