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How can we access some particular value in DataTable variable (same with Array of [T] ).Suppose i am scraping a table and I want some values for eg: first cell value or first Column and for the other tasks I want to use other cells / values in array and I want to avoid activities like write and read csv. I want just values.Is there any way to do it?

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Buddy @nole_1

  1. You can get with the help of iterating the rows in the table buddy
    –use a for each row loop with the datatable that you obtained on scrapping, as input here
    –inside the for each row loop we get the value by just using asisgn activity like this
    out_value = row(“columnname”).ToString and same with array as well, you can get the value from the array by mentioning the array index like this
    out_value = array_variable(arrayindex).ToString, where arrayindex starts from 0

to be even better we have Get Row Item activity that can give you the exact row and column - cell value like this from datatable @nole_1



dtTest (System.Data.Datatable) → dtTest(0)(0).ToString

0- FirstRow
0- FirstColumn


Did that work for you buddy @nole_1

@nole_1 please mark the solution if it works