Values from CSV file is written to 1st row and 2nd row of csv also writing to 1st row of expense site

Hi Experts,
I am reading a csv file and trying to fill the value in our office expense site.The steps are getting executed successfully.The first row from csv file are written to expense site where as the 2nd row from csv file is also read but it is getting overridden in the first row of expense site itself and it is not going to the second row.Can you please provide your advice?How value can be written to second row.I have used for each

Could you please upload workflow.

Timesheet workflowand (5.9 KB)

Can’t download zip file due to company security concern. :stuck_out_tongue:
Could you please attach xaml and excel.

ReadCSV_Timesheet.xaml (39.3 KB)
ReadCSV_Timesheet.xaml (39.3 KB)

Looks like you attached xaml twice.
Missing the csv file.
You could just pass
dtTimesheets.Rows.Count.ToString to check whether datatable contains 2 rows or not.

I cant upload a csv file so attached the screenshot

Where I need to pass dtTimesheets.Rows.Count.ToString .Can you suggest

inside For each row


Count is correct

yes.It is reading properly i didn’t get what’s the trouble here.
you said its overridden in the first row of expense site i can’t suggest much without looking into target application.

It is reading properly but in my timesheet the 2nd row of the csv should write to 2nd row instead of writing to 2nd row it is overwriting the 1st row of my timesheet.

Is their any way I can share my target system.

ok cool.
How your writing into expense site.
I don’t see that in workflow.
Which activity you used.
So i can assist you better. :slight_smile: