how to write continuously in a text file inside for each row

i have for each row inside a excel and if it meets certain criteria i am storing the cell value in string array
now when i try to write that string array in a text file it is writing only the last value
my expected result should be the value continuously written in textfile

  • Create a variable with the name strOutput (or whatever name you want) of the type ‘String’ in the variables manager

  • Drag in an assign activity and put in the For Each Row:

strOutput = strOutput + row.item(“ColumnName”).ToString + " "

where ColumnName is the name of the column you want the data from. You can put the assign in an if, if you want to do criteriaes.


Write this into your file to do it in one go:

String.Join(System.Environment.NewLine, myArray)

If you want to add a line at each iteration, use AppendLine activity.

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can i use this in a excel?like writing value in a excel

im having a string array
if im using a write range activity it is asking for datattable as input
so from ur example i want to write it into a excel u diddnt mention any datatable?

While iterating, assign the value like row.items(“columname”)=String.Join(System.Environment.NewLine, myArray)

Then the input to the write range activity ll b the datatable same as the one you used for iterating

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sorry but I don’t understant what you want to do. I thought you wanted to write an array of strings into a text file.

What do you want to write into excel? If you want to write all string into a single cell, change the separator

String.Join(", ", myArray)

i want to write strings values to excelcells not text file @msan