Value error

Hi @Ali_Mustafayev,

What is the error here? Please send the error message.

Hi @Ali_Mustafayev

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You should enter the Enter a VB expression in the value.

There is no error in your workflow.

Check out the image


If you not enter the value it will shoe the error like in the below image


Check out the Official documentation

I cannot enter value Enter a VB expression.It is stopped

What you want to enter? @Ali_Mustafayev


You need to enter the some values @Ali_Mustafayev

RHS : In the assign activity



I want,enter a VB expression,But I can not,imposible

Yes @Ali_Mustafayev , You need to enter the value. What value you need to enter?

in assign NoOfrepetitions

Yes,but I can not,You have got + and you click and write value,but I have not,I can not enter value
it gives me this error

for repeat with counter

Delete that Assign activity and put new assign activity to check @Ali_Mustafayev

Can you share the workflow?

Yes I do it but dont work,How I can share with you?

Click on this download option and share it @Ali_Mustafayev