Value does not fall within the expected range, Argument Exception

Hi I am facing issue today on production which says "value does not fall under the expected range at the attach browser.

My bot was running perfectly fine in production from more than a month now, but today suddenly I came across this issue. I went through all the posts related to this and I have tried with everything but no luck.

Please someone help me fix this issue asage to the businesp as it is causing a work stoppage to the business people.

Thanks in advance.


Hi Raviteja,

If you can provide more details/ screen shots on the activity and the values being passed, it will help to identify the issue.

Hello thanks for the reply
PFA of my work flow where I am getting error right at the attach browser and I wanted to click on an amount in a row from that page which says Pre authorized ACH debit. It was all working fine up until today morning but dont know what happened it suddenly thrown me this error.

Please help

I have click on the amount of the latest date that is today.