Value cannot be null. (Parameter 'key') when pass it with step status activity


Does anyone know why getting an error and how to fix the “value cannot be null. (Parameter ‘key’)” when passing it with the step status activity with if conditions?
I followed below youtube tutorial but not any help.

@sarathic show us exact place where are you getting error?


This part also not added to the report

@sarathic Element Exist Return bool value in Output variable. You don’t need to put condition like this.
Just put LoginSuccess in condition.
Also select wait for ready as Completed in Element Exist Properties

@sarathic can you show me then block and else block

LoginSuccess in condition I tried it but not getting any value for this.

This is Then Block

This is Else Block

@sarathic can you run it in debug mode and show exact place

First image I ran it in debug mode. It doesn’t show any error, it only shows the value cannot be null. (Parameter ‘key’) after the running process stop.

@sarathic enable execution trail in debug panel and run and see which activity is running and check its running successfully or not


As per the error it says for one of the key …key itself is null…

That means some parameter you are sending is null


Can I know how to enable execution trail ?

@Anil_G Yes, but I can’t find which parameter is null


If the error is coming on step status…then first check the variable values you are passing in the step status to see if any of those values are null…for that you can leverage locals panel…

Apart from that you missed giving test id etc …check if giving those would resolve…

Then assign varibles for output values like status and all and see what it gives may be it can provide more info…

Also its worth checking exception details ,that might contain more info


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Thank you so much anil after I give the test id it works as expected. :smiling_face:

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