Validate project / file option - doesn’t validate arguments with INVOKE WORKFLOW FILE activity

Hi Team,

With my recent development I was facing a challenge when executing a bot where some of the invoked workflows were not passed with arguments and those invoke workflow are included at last part of the bot workflow

Usually I use to click on the validate project / file button in design tab to check whether is there any validation le, before i test them

I thought it will cover and capture even if the arguments with invoke workflow file is not passed with values

But it didn’t and when I executed in debug mode bot stopped at one Invoke workflow file activity and shows error with the activity where that argument is used inside the workflow

And I was wondering why it was not captured by validate project / file option

Can this be included with that option as it will save a lot of time while testing the bot


Thank you @Palaniyappan, it looks like there is space for improvement.

Just to make sure I got it right, you would like a rule that warns you about arguments not being present inside of the Invoke Workflow activity, like so:

Or about argument not being assigned any values like so:

Personally, I feel like there should be a rule for both, maybe.

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usually the above scenario occurs only when we are not passing any values to the argument as u mentioned below
And u r right, I mean the same (first one)

And yeah I couldn’t find any rules on that and I m facing this issue with studio version 2020.10.6

Cheers @loginerror