How to dectect arguments mismatch and/or not connected arguments values

Hi everyone,
I would like to check a project for arguments mismatch and/or not connected arguments values for all usages of ‘Invoke Workflow File’ activity. Normally I would say the Workflow Analyzer should help here, but I’m not getting any errors/warning having situation like that:

Any ideas on how I could detect these automatically?

Hi @Slawek

I check the workflow analyzer rule sets, there is not a rule available to check for empty Value inside workflow argument. In this case, you have to create a custom rule for workflow analyzer.

Hi @Slawek,

As @GreenTea rightly pointed out. This rule does not exist in the default workflow analyser rule set.

If you do have to make a custom rule for your organization you will have to invest some time to make them in visual studio and also test them in UiPath. Here is the walkthrough on how to build custom rules : Building Custom Rules

That said, you and your developers can actually avoid this by clearly defining a development standard and each developer owns their share of code and ensures that all invoke workflow activities are given special care with respect to their in / out arguments.

The time it might take to build and test custom analyser rules may be not so worthwhile if your developers are already proactive and now know what to look out for while developing.