Valid expression continuation is expected?

Valid expression continuation is expected what is wrong? what do I do?

Here is a zoomed in version

Hi @BjrnUitenbroek,

TryParse(String, Double) Converts the string representation of a number to its double-precision floating-point number equivalent. A return value indicates whether the conversion succeeded or failed.

So according to the above line dbl_OnUsCheck , dbl_NotOnUsCheck and dbl_CashIn should be double data type and other major problem is Decision box only accept conditional statement which results into boolean(True/False) while what you are writing are not creating any boolean expression that’s why it is throwing the error.
Hope it will you.


it looks like a flow decision
So we need to use certain CONDITIONS rather than an expression
Double.TryParse(string, out double) is fine and it’s correct
But we need to either route that to a condition…may be to a value and check whether it’s equal or not
And as you have used so many parsing in this expression we need to separate them with LOGICAL OPERATORS like AND, OR
Even the curly brackets here in the expression depicts the same

So For example it should be like this
Double.TryParse(CashIn,dble_cashIn).Equals(123.234) AND Double.TryParse(OnUsCheck,dbl_OnUsCheck).Equals(123.234) AND…for all till end

Kindly try this and let know for any queries or clarification
Cheers @BjrnUitenbroek

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