Using wildcards in an 'Click text' activity

Dear UiPath forum members,

For SAP automation I need to use the ‘click text’ activity. However, I need to use wildcard for this because not everything is known.

The format is:


Only the first four digits (2500) and the string with the 2 (can either be 1??? or ??3??? or 1?3??? etc.) are known and vary every process.

How can I use wildcards in a click text activity?


I would try to read text from the screen (for example Get Full Text activity or sometimes you can save entire screen in SAP to text file - save local file), then use Regex to find your exact text that needs to be clicked. When you have entire text you can use click text activity.

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Good idea, can you please help me with the Regex?

You can check this topic:

For example 2500-11-12111-111-111

this is the format you need to validate???

Regex format \b\d{4}\b-\b\d{2}\b-\b\d{5}\b-\b\d{3}\b-\b\d{3}\b