Using Web Controls in UiPath

Can anyone share useful topic for using web controls in UiPath or explain the same?
As an example i want to click on one of the tags below #, flag, english expression….
How to set that using uipth?

From website :

Thanks in advance

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Use Click and * in your selector.

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We can use a normal CLICK activity inside a loop to access each tag one by one

And inside the click activity replace the dynamic attribute selector which looks incrementing with a variable

Inside the loop increment that variable

Or are we facing any issue in accessing that tag with a click activity

Cheers @hsendel

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Thanks @lojyehuang & @Palaniyappan .
I will check and revert back to you.

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YES @Palaniyappan , I’m facing issue in accessing that tag with a click activity

Hello @lojyehuang , Seems you miss one step before arriving to this one , My issue is how to click on # at the beginning of each line,

not clicking on that one :

Along with the parent selector following should work
<webctrl aaname='#2267597' parentid='main_content' tag='A' />

also have a look on following:

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Thanks @ppr I will check and update

Dears, Seems it’s working with : webctrl idx=‘1’ parentid=‘translation_2267597_’ tag=‘DIV’ ", let me check the rest of items using for each loop to conclude.

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