Using UiPath studio with AdsPower Account

Hey Community,

I have multiple accounts in AdsPower but need to perform similar actions with each account. I am trying to Open the profile from UiPath Studio. The steps are: Open AdsPower from UiPath, Search profile, Open profile, then open a certain website in the opened browser, insert some text, and fetch the results.

The issue I am facing is that UiPath Studio does not recognize the elements of the AdsPower Chrome browser.

Any help will be highly appreciated.

Best Regards,
Muhammad Anas.


Can you please give the website here

or did you try with cv selector option?


The issue was with the AdsPower.


a friend, the same story happened, I decided to change the p4 proxy and ran it through the gobrowser, everything was fixed. How did you fix it?

@iorvertno1993 I just reinstalled the AdsPower and didn’t update the latest patch. The issue is in the latest patch of AdsPower.

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