Using UiPath Apps how can I store data to database

Can anyone please explain how will I store data to database using UiPath Apps.

Hi @Chippy_Kolot,

Storing data to a database is not available by default in UiPath apps, instead you could try the following

  • Using Data Service, and store data to entities. This is fairly easy to use - I recommend this one for general uses
  • Have your app to trigger a UiPath job that handles the data storage in a database like sql server - this is a good and reliable alternative, however, involves designing the automation flow
  • Use the integration service to send data via api to a database or service IMPORTANT: You will need to create the connector if it doesn’t exist - not recommended, still on preview, little community support

@Chippy_Kolot ,

If you have to use Data base SQL server Query into Apps. Then there is no direct connection but what you can do,

Create a process and use SQL execute activity to make a connection on your SQL server and execute command.

Based on command you can pass input and out from/In into UiPath Apps.

This way you can handle all SQL connection. Drawback this would be little bit slow compare to Data Service.


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