Try Catch Question

Okey, I’m using try catch activity but I’m having a problem that I want to ask.
As you can see in the image:

  • Try:
  1. Read Range (to obtain the info)
  2. Write Range (to paste the info)
  • Catch (System.Exception):
  1. Read Range (to obtain similar info to not get an error)
  2. Write range (to paste the similiar info)

Why the error produced stop the execution saying the error, and not jump to the catch to do the solution to the try?

HI @ShadowZ

What error did you get ?



Probably because you run debug mode and ContinueOnException is off.
Can you try just Run or turn on ContinueOnException then run debug.


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As @Yoichi said, it’s because you’re running the program in debug.

However, you can press continue until the workflow reaches the Catch block, then the exception will get handled.

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Okey, thank all for the help. Works fine :ok_hand:

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