Is it possible to Throw an Error From Global Handling to an existing try catch

Sorry If I’m asking a lot, I’m trying to learn how to use Global handling. Here’s my thing. I have a workflow with a Try Catch inside, I have multiple workflows inside the Try Catch in which, all of them doesn’t have it’s own Try Catch. That means when It encounters an error, It goes to Global handling. My problem is, I want to go the the Catch Block from the Global Handler, if the error exceeded the retry of the Handler. Is it possible to combine the two?


We can’t combine both the things here. Let me tell you the difference first.

Global Exception Handler: If We didn’t handle any exception with Try Catch block then it will go to Global Exception Handler of we used it. We can create only one Global Exception Handler for whole process. It will do specific action based on the condition we defined there.

Try Catch: It will handle exception within the workflow. We can create N no. of Try Catch blocks for process.

Thanks, I guess I’ll stick with Try Catch.

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