How would I filter for specific email sender/subject in 'if' activity?

Hi there,

Apologies as I’m new to this: I’m using a for each loop for unread emails and I want to input an ‘if’ activity after.

So for example: if the email address is from with the subject of ‘new enquiry’ then I want it to catagorise it as one variable, else, catagorise it as a different variable. There will be four different possible variations for this, so I need each email type to have its own variable.

I can get the code to be either sender OR subject, but not both?

Thanks for your help.


Welcome to our UiPath community.

Use AND operator between both the conditions to check for those conditions.

      ForEach item in mailMessages
          IF item.Subject.ToString.Equals.ToLower.("new enquiry") AND item.sender.ToString.Equals("")

Thanks for your help Iakshman!

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