Using sftp with PowerShell Activity?

Hi everybody,

I’m not able to use sftp command with the PowerShell Activity.

Command Line “sftp -P xxxx aaaa@IP”
isScript checked.
TypeArgument String.

I’m able to use other command.

What am I missing ?


you are using powershell but not using powershell commands?

I’m able to use “sftp” as a command in PS. If I run my command by myself it’s working, so what’s the point ?

My point is that you have more variables in your situation than what that activity is for, so is harder to help… see how i would do to use powershell:

PSFTP.EXE is a great alternative ( I use it on a daily basis with PowerShell.

Here is a piece of code


"rm $outfile`nput $outfile`nbye" | out-file batch.psftp -force  -Encoding ASCII

$strUN = "sftp_user"
$strPW = "sftp_password"

$colLS = & .\psftp.exe  -l $strUN -pw $strPW  sftp.domail.local  -b batch.psftp -be