Using Refresh Scope

Building an automation that will be heavily reliant on computer vision and I’m running into a few problems. Using CV Screen Scope to capture the initial screen works fine but after some interaction with the application, the state changes and I’m required to refresh the scope so the bot can identify the changes. This is where I run into problems:

After clicking Account Maintenance a pop up appears and I need to refresh the scope during my next CV activity


after clicking the Refresh Scope button, I get this error:


Am I missing some important step in the process of using CV with my bot or is there some misconfiguration hindering my progress? Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

I’m working inside Citrix hence why I have to use CV here.

Hi @Dowen_Robinson ,

Please note that if you are using the latest UIAutomation activity
package (v20.10.8), the CV Screen Scope** is no longer compatible with CV Refresh .

Starting with UIAutomation v20.10.5, the CV Refresh activity has been deprecated due to the new caching strategy that enables CV Screen Scope to auto-refresh screens whenever necessary


Best regards,

Hey Marius,
I’m not using the CV Refresh activity as I received that warning. I am making use of the refresh button inside the activity itself. See the screenshots in my post.