Multiple windows in CV Screen scope

Hi, I am trying to add multiple screens in the CV screenscope as mentioned in the uipath 20.10 updates.
Not able to add multiple screens. Can any one help me with this issue.

Any update on the above issue

I’m having trouble with this feature as well. Did you find a solution to the problem yet?

Neither the Academy course nor the activity documentation describes how multiple screens can be added, so I’m assuming the activity should automatically cache new screens whenever they are indicated. However, this doesn’t happen.
The only workaround is to create multiple screen scopes with 1 cached screen each, which eliminates the new feature entirely.

The Academy Course states: “Screens are automatically cached in the CV Screen Scope when a new screen is being used in an activity (at design time);”
This doesn’t work for me, since all activities within the CV Screen Scope default to the Screen selected in the Screen Scope, even if a different screen is currently opened.

Same question here. Not a single work in doc. Can @loginerror help?


Hi @mani_manisha

After pointing to the first screen, add an activity, let’s say CV Click activity.

Then, go to the step where you will indicate where it should click. You will notice a small helper window, where one of the buttons is called Refresh Scope. When you hover over this button, it will say what it does:

All that is left to do now is to click it, and a new screen will be added to the list :slight_smile: