Using RE framework with Multiple Queues

Hi All ,

I have Uiapth Community license and doing POC -

We want to setup below in UiPath

I have publised 3 processes which uses RE Framework .
I have seup 3 queues , each queue having one triggere , that triggere is having the process which is using RE framework.
We have amazon lambda API which adds itme in queue.
When the queue item is added , queue trigger picks it up and processes

I validated the above using one queue and it works fine.

My question is about multiple queues -

  1. Can I use Reframework for multiple queues like I have publised 3 processes and for every process I have used seperate RE Framework

Is this the correct design , will RE framework do its correct transaction management in case of multiple queues?

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Just to provide more details -

  1. I have added item 1 in queue 1 and after 1 min added item1 in queue 2

Item1 in queue1 got processed successfully
But after that item1 in queue2 is not picked up for processing

Please note, I am using same bot for processing items in queue1 and queue2 and Queue triggeres are set on both queue1 and queue2.

My expectation is after processing Item1 in queue1 , Item1 in queue2 should be processed which is not happening right now , the item remains in New state in queue2

Any suggesion pls?

Hello @shradha.joshi

Do you mean you have created a process and publishers d to orchestrator and that single process should work on multiple queues?? Is that what you are trying to do ??

Or did you create a separate process and you need to execute it one after another? If yes, you can explore on invoke process activity.

Based on your information , I suggest that you can design your workflow by one single process you don’t need to create multiple process , Use 1 Refreamework for this

you can do it by easily

I have tried single RE framework for single queue and it works fine .

With multiple queues and processes , single RE framework is not usable as it is , it needs lot of chages and taking time to implement the design.

Instead I found using seperate RE framework for each flow is bit easy in case of multiple queues and flows .

I want to know if I use it like this , will there any issues ?

I am asking this question as I have recently come to know about RE framework and needs expert’s advice. :slightly_smiling_face:

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There is no any issue of that your are using separately ,
But you can use single re framework with multiple queue connect , yes may be its take time to design but in the final out come about the performance it will work better than 3 single processors

even you don’t need to use any trigger on it

Ok, thanks for confirming that I can use multiple RE framework for multiple queues and processes.

Yes , I will give it a try to use single RE with multiple queues as well.


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