Using Powerterm to connect to terminal

I need to integrate UiPath to a terminal application, using Powerterm soft (Ericom). Its a rather old version: 5.3.0. The executable is pwt32.exe.

Does anyone have any experience to share on using this particular client? (its not on the Activities.Terminal supported providers list)

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Do you have EHllAPI32.dll file available where pwt32.exe is located?
I am using same client and able to connect it with IBM EHLL option from Terminal session activity.

Hi Abhi,
thanks for your message. I think I was able to use Reflection in that case, so did not continue to investigate this issue,


hey can you send a screen shot of the connection setting? we need it for our powerterm also, i see the ehiiapi32.dll file but not sure about the encoding or other settings, getting connection error on most and some encoding texts are not visible


This is my screen shot.
May I know what error you are facing?

i was able to find the " hllapi32.dll" in both program files(x86) and program files under the ericom software\powerTerm\sessions

with the screenshotted configuration settings we are getting a connection error , i am using the latest terminal activity (v2) and using studio pro 20.4.3 enterprise, i drop down the terminal session by 1 version (1.3…) but still same result




Is your client application is opened? Please make sure that client application is opened.
Also make sure to use kill process activity and pass “UiPath.Terminal.Host” as parameter to kill that process. We faced similar issue when we started development. After killing this process UiPath will able to connect the Terminal session.

nice this works great, were you able to use set field activities ? I was able to use move cursor only set field would have been nice for accuracy, but seems like we are not directly connecting to a mainframe, we are going through a vt terminal

Yes, None of set field activity and Move cursor will help. we have to relay on sending control key like up, down to navigate to particular field.

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thank you