Using Orchestrator HTTP Request: Specifiy the Data

Hello Guys,

i want to use the “Orchestrator HTTP Request” activity to get the QueueItems from a specific folder as a json-file. Our goal is to extract the data in order to import it to our data warehouse.

Is there a possibility to specify the data, for example to only get the QueueItems from last week or month? Now we are getting every QueueItem.

Thanks for your help! :slight_smile:

Hi @ansgar.kellermann,

There are two things you will need to ensure

  1. Get All Queue Items
    That your logic gets all queue items from the queue. To achieve this you can refer to the snippet from @sarikayaebru and the marketplace component Get All Queue Items - RPA Component | UiPath Marketplace | Overview

  2. Filter required items
    Within the snippet above, you will have to modify the time filters. These are of DateTime argument types

    So if you are intrested in last week your filter on from will be Now.AddDays(-7) for the last month the filter will be Now.AddMonths(-1)

Based on you situation, you may want to filter on Reference or Item Status as well

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Hi @ansgar.kellermann

Can you try this once

/odata/QueueItems?$filter=(EndProcessing eq 2023-08-01 and StartProcessing eq 2023-08-31)

Or refer below solution