Using loop on Decision Flow with multiple excel rows

I am in the process of making a robot which I need some help!

The robot is used to add employees into a website.

A daily excel file is used to show the new employee info in rows - for example -
First Name Last Name Country Employee Number**
Matthew Morris AU 123
Mark Scott NZ 456
Luke Paul AU 789
Peter Green NZ 184

I have built the Robot using excel scope and it can read the cells to determine whether they are AU or NZ employees. I then used a flow decision to split AU and NZ employees. (True = AU, False = NZ)

So far no issue, but the robot then needs to add all employees into the website.

The robot is currently set up to look for the First Name (row$1 cell $A) as the first input.
This process works fine for the first employee Name: Matthew Morris
But I can not figure out how I can then have the robot move onto the next line and enter in Name: Mark Scott.

How can I make the cell references change from row to row depending on the employees country code and then repeat the process for all employees in today’s file.

Using the example above the robot would need to
Decide AU or NZ
Then use info in row 1
Decide AU or NZ
Then use info in row 2
Decide AU or NZ
Then use info in row 3
Decide AU or NZ
Then use info in row 4

Hope that makes sense!
Happy to discuss further or share any files needed.

You can Do like this

  1. Read Range
  2. Filter Datatable for AU( AU_DT) & NZ (NZ_DT)
  3. For AU_DT : For Each Row then by using columns name say for “First Name” use Row(“First Name”).tostring to use first name in AU
  4. Similarly for NZ

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