Using Invoke Powershell with MFA

Hi Guys

I am trying to run Powershell in order to make updates to Exchange online. But using the invoke PowerShell activity. There is no option to pass in a token that Microsoft requires to run the application. So, for example, I run invoke PowerShell another windows appears to confirm MFA login screen which requires me to pass in a token. As invoke PowerShell run in the background is there any way of passing in the value for the token?

I hope that makes sense?

did TYPE INTO activity helped us on entering the token with simulate type property enabled in the property panel so that it will run it background as well
cheers @bobby

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Hi Palaniyappan.

But how do you get it to pause and type into the token. As the powershell invoke method. Complete itself and then errors out. There is no way of slotting it in middle of the activity, is there?