Run PowerShell script to connect O365, Exchange Online

As you know, Microsoft is depreciating basic authentication.

  1. How you guys using your PowerShell script using modern authentication in Invoke PS activity.
  2. Is there any impact to use IT automation activities after Oct 2022 (disable certain protocols used in basic authentication) : Active Directory domain services, Office 365 etc, Invoke PowerShell activities

AD activities : No imapct as activities are using LDAPS protocol.
PowerShell : Not sure.
Office 365 : No impact (set authentication type)

Note : At the moment, i am using basic authentication and passing credentials as arguments in invoke powershell script to connect with Exchange online, O365 admin center.

Hi @Sonalk, I hope you are doing well.
For you current usecase-1)If you want to connect to Microsoft Office 365 and send mail using it.
You can download a package named “MicrosoftOffice365”.
Then using that package you can use Microsoft Office 365 scope and inside that scope you can use send mail activity.
Now in Microsoft Office 365 scope you can use the basic authentication for connection.

I think this process will be far more feasible than a powershell script for connection.

Thank You,
Shubham Dutta