Using Hotkey in Excel file Orchestrator

Hi Friends,

I build a process what based on a excel file create 4 pivot tables.
In the first sheet is a dump of all the data, the bot selects all and creates the first pivot table.
When the first pivot table is build, then the bot makes a copy of the pivot table with combination ----> (CTRL+*) (CTRL+C) (Down) (CTRL+V). ALL OF THEM WITH HOTKEYS

In the debug mode and normal mode the bot works. But when I use the orchestrator the bot doesn’t do the hotkeys.

See picture below for the example.

Hi @M_L

This could be due to a few different causes. When you run the process via orchestrator do you have the screen / machine still visible or is the process operating behind a locked screen?

If you’re running it the local machine, it could be an issue of focus if other actions are being peformed at the same time, taking focus away from the excel window.

Try making sure the excel window is active before the hotkey sequence, and when you publish and run the new process in orchestrator ensure that no other actions are performed on the machine at that time.

If you encounter further difficulties we can further troubleshoot or it could be worth trying the “Create pivot table” activity in excel, which might remove the need for hotkeys altogether.

Hope this helps,