Pivot Tables Excel and exporting to Powerpoint

Vikas Jain
September 28, 2016 16:33 NONE
How can we do following

  1. Create Pivot table using another Excel sheet

2 Create a Pie chart with the values

3 Export to Powerpoint

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Mihai Badita September 28, 2016 16:50
Possible now only via UI Automation. You can create a new sheet with UiPath by using the dedicated activities.

After that, some useful shortcuts:

A1 + Enter in namebox - go to A1
Ctrl+ Right arrow - go to the last column ov your table
Ctrl + Shift+ - Down to select the column
Ctrl + Shift+ - Insert a column.

Or more here: Keyboard shortcuts in Excel

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Vikas Jain September 28, 2016 17:55
It worked using combination of Key strokes along with Ui Automation.


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