Using Excel on multiple bots with a 'File change trigger'

Hi all

I have a process which uses three bots and at various times throughout the process as a bot is working the queue item is needs to update an excel sheet

Have been getting errors like ‘the file is in use’ that type of thing and I believe it’s because the bots sometimes (though luck) try and update/save the spreadsheet at the same time

I believe that using a ‘File change trigger’ will prevent this as it acts like a lock and key does in Blue Prism - the robot will only update the spreadsheet when it is not in use by the other bots

I can’t figure out how to use it though, can anybody please help me or does anybody have an example xmal where they have tried to use it?

As always, any help is really appreciated



you can use try catch and place your excel activities in try block and in catch block use kill process"excel" and add same workflow as in try block into catch block below kill.
Try this it will resolve the issue