Using Credentials from windows Credential Manager


Create a separate workflow file for the Login to ACME. File input arguments: URL < String >; Username < String >; Password < SecureString >.

Add the ACME_URL and ACME_Credential to the Excel Config file.

Don’t use external file references outside of the project folder (including Orchestrator Assets)

Does this mean we have to use Credentials from WCM. If yes please explain how the credentials saved on WCM work in certification evaluation.


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I would also like to know this. Do i use Get credential activity or Get secure credential to get them from windows vault? And how does the robot when grading my program knows my credentials to test the program if i have them in my computer vault?

Yes, you need to install UiPath Credentials activity from Manage packages.

it provides

Add cred, Delete cred,Get secure credentials and Request credentials Activities…

Hope that helps…

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You can store credentials at orchestrator as well as windows.

Uipath will automatically detect WC while running flow. You just need to save it at WCM as shown below.