About Windows Credentials

Can someone please help me understand.
To work with Windows credential in exam is this the right way to do it:
Manually create a credential in my own Windows Credential Manager (i.e., “acme_credential” with my ACME email and password), make reference to it in Confix.xlsx Settings: Name=ACME_Credential, Value=acme_credential and use “Get Secure Credencial” activity with Target=“in_Config(“ACME_Credential”).ToString” ?

@Manjuts90 answered this with “You have to store credentials in windows credential manager and use the reference(for example acme_credential) in config sheet. Do as usual to get values from config file.” but he did not stated clearly: "Yes, manually create a credential in Windows Credential Manager, or No, you have to make a automated process for doing that.

Please answer with clarity as these are the last days to get legacy certification. Thanks a lot!

@tiberiu.paul manually you have to create the credentials in windows credentials manager. Let me know if you have any further doubts

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Thank you so much for the quick reply. Is there a way to private message you on this forum or only by posting to this thread?

@tiberiu.paul You can send private message also

Another thing… Do i use Get credential activity or Get secure credential to get them from windows vault? and how does the robot when grading my program knows my credentials to test the program if i have them in my computer vault?

@tiberiu.paul Get credential is used with orchestrator and Get secure credential is used with windows vault


@Manjuts90 is right! :clap:

@tiberiu.paul You have to use the “Get Secure Credentials” activity found in the “UiPath.Credentials.Activities” package to get your generic credentials stored in the Windows Credentials Manager.


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