Using ConfigFile

Hi Team,

i am trying to read the excel values through dictionary and i want to use the value that is stored in Config…

Also i want to use string.format option to pass the pasramters to the SQL query, can anyone guide here

Please elaborate the query. I could see a query stored in Confg file and you want to use that in db operations/linq query. Is that right? What issue you’re facing?


Out_config(“RetriveQuery”). Tostring will give you the value from config file.


thanks @Jayesh_678 now for the retrieved value, if i need to pass parameters using string.Format option how do i do

Ex: this is my SQL Query -

select * from dbo.LatestData where Name = ‘asdfText’ the values that are bold are parameter values


Try as below:-

Dim query As String = String.Format(“SELECT * FROM dbo.{0} WHERE Name = ‘{1}’”, LatestData, asdfText)


thanks @Jayesh_678 … that is what i am expecting but instead of select * query, cannot we use the query we stored in Config file… since we have already kept the query in config file… i am trying something like this?


Check if out_config is created in sequence.

Use . Tostring after out_config(“RetriveQuery”)



It is saying that Out_Config is not present can you recheck that variable

basically in which state you want to use that value is in Process state or not?