Unable to read value from orchestrator via config file

Hi, I want to fetch my credentials from the Orchestrator and Read the value from the Excel Config file. Can you please help.

Same Monster_hr In Excel and Orchestrator Assest

@lakshman & @Palaniyappan @HareeshMR help

@KarthikByggari plz guide bro

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Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Create asset mannually in the orchestrator
  2. Add the asset name in the excel config. (Just name is enough… you don’t need to add credential in excel)
  3. use get credential activity and provide the input as config(“asset name in excel”).tostring.
  4. You will get two outputs

So use Get Credentials

@lakshman can you guide bro

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Here are my assets bro…

I’m going to get the System1_Credential …

Here is the config file screenshot…

How I using the config file with Get Credential Activity…

First of all these, you need to read the config and save it in the dictionary type file…

If you check InitAllSettings.xaml workflow in Reframework, you will come to know how the excel is converted to dictionary objects

If you use ReFramework, you will get all these predefined . You don’t need to do it from scratch bro…

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@HareeshMR can you just check If I share the xaml file?

Yes please @balkishan

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shared bro one to one…

Got it :slight_smile:, will check and let you know soon

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Asset in Orchestrator

@balkishan bro…

I don’t understand why you are invoking main workflow within main …

May be you need to invoke Int_Setting.xaml in place of Main.xaml … Everything looks good, even the arguments, change the workflow and try bro…

One more thing is , dependencies are not corrupted and I’m not able to open

This is not Main bro, I changed the name, Now it’s Int_setting bro

Bro, can you just open the Int_setting and check, I didn’t use the get asset from orch…activty…means get credentials

I’m getting activity missing bro …


I think you need to install/update the Read Range package bro.

That is due to version issues… Sent you all the files personally… Please check and let me know @balkishan


Thanks it’s resolved bro :slight_smile:

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