Using Asset to store a File Path

Has anyone had success opening a file path that they have stored via the UIPath Orchestrator Asset?

My use case is this…I have an Excel workbook which I delete the workbook first then save it with the exact same name. Instead of hard-coding the file path within Studio, I figured I’d take advantage of using the UIPath Orchestrator Asset feature.

When I try and open my file (to do some formatting features), I use the Use Application/Browser activity to open Excel. It appears not to work of I place this directly in the Application Path or the Application arguments. It does not seem to generate an error, however.

Has anyone had this happen, and if so, what was the resolution.

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Hey @eric.brenner

You cannot pass the file path to application path.

Please pass the excel exe file path in that application path field, then you can pass the file path in the arguments field.

Hope this helps


I will try that.

I got it to work. Thank you.

I believe I was messing with the Selector portion of that Use Application/Browser uses. The documentation states that:

The display name of the Use Application/Browser activity is also used as a reference that points to the application or browser that is being targeted. After indicating the target, unless manually set, the display name is automatically changed to the following format:

For Applications: Use Application: [title] - [app name]
For Browsers: Use Browser [browser type] : [title]
In the case of nested application cards, each activity inside a card displays a drop-down menu in its body which enables you to choose the application card you want to use it with.

If my file happens to have a completely different name, it would not open unless I change that. correct? If so, what is the solution for that?

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