Using API trigger from custom web site

I have just discovered the API trigger in 2023.10, still in preview. I think it is a very useful feature but as I was trying to use it, I saw that I couldn’t invoke a trigger (HTTP GET request) from my own web page through Javascript code because of a CORS issue (Cross-Origin Resource Sharing). I understand this has been done for obvious security reasons, but I think it makes this feature much less usable.
If I can’t invoke an API trigger from my custom web app, what’s the use?
Is it because I use javascript in a basic HTML page for this?

[EDIT] I solved the problem by using a CORS proxy. Nevertheless, let me know if there is another way to do this and any information is welcome because I am not an expert in that area.

Hei @eric.marciano, thanks for reaching out,
We have a built in CORS allow list for API triggers setting associated with this feature described here: Orchestrator - Managing API triggers
Once you’ll include your domain there the proxy should not be required.
Hope this helps, Alex

Very good !! I have added my personal web site in the CORS list and it now works perfectly without the proxy. Thank you !!