User input birthday and select that from a drop down

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I have an automation I’m making where using an input dialog the user will input their birthday. then I’m using a select tool to select from a drop down. How do I make the select tool pick the inputted birthday?

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I didn’t understand this part. Inputted bday will be saved to string and you can convert that string to proper date time. is this want you want to acheive? if yes, what format you are planning to request from the user ex: MM/dd/yyyy or MM-dd-yyyy format

Yes I have the conversion done. Then this conversion needs to be selected from a drop down using a select tool

so if a user inputs 12-25-1999 then that date needs to be selected from a browser. I have the open browser. The browser has a drop down birthdate field. I used the select item in the browser to select the drop down, but I need it to select the birthday that’s been specified.

okay…Hope you have already tried type into. If that’s not working you can try Set Text activity and pass that converted date.

It can’t be typed into - it’s a drop down when you use the set text or type into it just leaves it blank.

@Learning_UITT - Any screenshot(s) would be helpful here…

I’m thinking the issue could be in the user input. Any advice on how to get the user to input their birthday and the automation to select that birthday from the drop down?

Hello @Learning_UITT ,

As per the screenshot you posted, did you try to use the Select Item activity?
This activity is very good for drop down lists.

I hope it helps.


yes and it allows for the drop downs, but i need to pass the selection in

Is this what you’re looking for? Once you have the datetime conversion, you can do the following to select

Conversely, you can also try using Simulate Click with the same variables in the selector to select the dropdown.

yes this helped, thank you

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