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I am looking for examples how to use the taxonomy manager as activity. I have declared my meta data in the taxonomy manager, easy as that. But how do you use it as activity. So far I could not find a proper link, video or an xaml.

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Did we refer to this document

Kindly have a view on this pls

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Hi Palaniyappan,

thank you for your reply. I am looking more for practical examples. That link you provided I already found. I need to see an example how this is used in Studio with a UseCase to understand what it really does.

Many thx.

Have you found any examples? Running into the same issue.

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I have found and created now my own project: digitize a pdf-file, classify it, extract the data, going trough the validation station, train the classiffiers, export the extraction results and finally export the values into an excel. Everything fine for that…but as a process for a single file, and need to change the path for each other document. What is here the best practice to process all documents in a certain folder?

Now I want to know how build the loop that goes trought each document into a certain folder. Should I put the whole process under a “for each” activity or can I also use the “for each” on certain parts or activity in the process mentioned above?

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found it out already myself! :slight_smile:

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