Use Variable Name as...variable

Hello everybody - first post on uipath forum :slight_smile:

It might be an easy one but couldn’t find it elsewhere in the forum.

I want to use the name of a variable as input for the sheet name in a “write range” activity.

For example:

Set Var: Variable_Name=1
In the write range I want the sheet to be named “Variable_Name”.

Any way I can do this, like “extracting” the name of the variable in a string?

Many thanks!


Hi Mario,
You want the Sheet Name to be input by user. Create variable with type string and pass that variable into write range activity. Like below screenshot

Hi Ghazanfar first of all thanks for your reply.

I actually already have a variable named “Variable_Name” but it is the output of a data scraper activity.

I want to name the sheet “Variable_Name” and write the data included in this datatable in the sheet.

Many thanks!


I believe what you are looking for is the operator NameOf. Unfortunately this operator is not supported by UiPath yet.