Use parametr in execute query

I try to use parametr in my Sql request
I’m init: table, IN, DT, dataTable

and use " … @table …"
But have error:

Execute Query: The table type parameter ‘table’ must have a valid type name.

Hi, can you post a screen shot of your whole activity?

Please dont do that to your own posts (calling out several people), i find this to be very unpolite…

table name cannot be a parameter of your query…

What I can do/change?

Help me, please. I don’t understand

Parameters - A dictionary of named parameters that are bound to the sql command. The binding is done by specifying the ‘@parameterName’ statement in the sql command. At runtime the parameterName will be replaced with its value from the dictionary.

I set as “table” my DT for use in SQL.
In Sql i use @table

What’s wrong?

i already said that, it is only the values that can be used as parameters not table name…

Hi there, I hope you’re well.

The UiPath steps in this blog post might help.